by FarmgirlGourmet

Welcome to Farmgirl Gourmet, where you can find tried and true recipes from the farm.

3 years ago my family and I decided to sell our home in the suburbs of Seattle and move to a 20 acre farm in Eastern Washington. When we first saw the property, I couldn’t help but imagine growing my own fruits and vegetables. My first year in the small garden I had created proved to be a challenge as well as a learning experience. Who knew that 1 tomato plant could have such an enormous yield. Not this city girl. Now imagine what 27 tomato plants must yield. Yes, it was a learning experience. Needless to say, my friends and neighbors were not without fresh tomatoes. Now in my 3rd year of growing my own food, I am still learning but have begun to master some of the aspects of gardening. Not only do I love gardening, but I am an avid cook. In our home, it’s rare that we eat the same meal twice…thanks to over 80 cookbooks in my library, many subscriptions to food mags and of course, the internet. Nothing gives me more pleasure than preparing an unforgettable meal for my family and friends. Which brings me here, why not share my foodie sucesses with more than just my immediate circle. I hope that you enjoy what you see and especially enjoy what you eat.