24 Things I’ve Never Told You!

Updated On: Oct 03, 2023

Good Morning!  I thought it would be fun to do things a bit differently today.  I know you come here to see food, but I thought maybe you’d enjoy hearing about the chick that makes the food. 

A little human interaction.
It’s not going to be all roses…but that makes me real, right?
I’ve decided to share 24 of my habits, crazy quirks, and a few closely guarded secrets…
  1. I am double jointed in my elbows and shoulders.  I probably should’ve been a gymnast that worked the parallel bars.  I can do crazy things with my arms that usually releases gasps of horror from on-lookers.
  2. I bite my fingernails.  A lot.  It’s gross.  I know it’s gross but I haven’t been able to make myself stop.  
  3. I love the smell of tomato vines.
  4. My all time favorite movie is Spaceballs.  I could watch it over and over again.  In fact I just watched it for the 8,329th time over the weekend while I was glampin. (it’s not really that many….I hope)
  5. I went to 3 different schools in the 7th grade.  My Mom was “finding herself” that year.
  6. I believe in ghosts.  
  7. I have a 2 inch long scar on my knee from when I was 8.  I was cardboard sliding and hit a chunk of obsidian and gashed my knee open.
  8. I subject my family to listening to classical music on Sunday.  The rest of the week it’s a mix of all other genres, but Sunday is reserved for classical.
  9. I wear flip flops from April until October.  Clean feet are only a Winter luxury.
  10. I love interior design almost as much as I love cooking.  Almost.  Close second.  🙂
  11. I am the happiest when I own an old house that needs fixing.  We tried living in a brand new home once, and it was not good for our marriage.  Old house and projects are now a requirement when house hunting.
  12. I love expensive shoes.  If I won the lottery today, that would be my first splurge.  Then airplane tickets to somewhere swanky so I could wear them.
  13. I lived in San Francisco for 8 years.  I love that city.  I love visiting whenever I can, but would never give up living in a small town or on acreage for the big city life again.  
  14. I am going to be 42.  There…I said it.  PHEW! 🙂
  15. I have walked the 60 mile long Breast Cancer 3 Day four times.  That’s 240 miles of walking.  
  16. I am actually very shy.  If I don’t know many people at a party, I stay for a short time and then leave.  
  17. I am a social butterfly at my own parties.  If I know everyone, I can turn on my alter ego that is not one bit shy.
  18. I never went to college.  I did go to University of Phoenix (not the one in AZ) for a short time, but never graduated.  
  19. One of my many jobs was as a Balloon Decorator.  Need a 20 foot spiral balloon arch?  I’m your gal.  
  20. I am most likely 100% grey.  “Most Likely” because I will probably never know the true percentage!  My motto is “dye til you die”.
  21. I was an only child until I was 23 when I found out I had a sister that was 27.  
  22. I have never been overseas, other than to Hawaii – which technically is over “sea”.  
  23. I question whether we could be the only beings in the Universe and would love to see a crop circle in person.  Weird, right?  It’s on my bucket list.
  24. I love sharks and grew up wanting to be a shark biologist.  I was discouraged by a respected adult who said that “women can’t become shark biologists, it’s a man’s field” and never pursued it.
Well, that’s 24 interesting facts about ME.  
I’d love to hear a bit about you! Feel free to post in the comments about your own quirks or habits.  Ready?  Go!  🙂

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