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The Spice Cave Paleo Burger |

It’s been a crazy 2+ years at Spiceologist.  We hit a million in rev this year and each day is a “pinch me” moment with how awesome the company has become.  We have a fantastic crew of talented and passionate people working for us and I cannot wait to see where we go this year.

For the past year Pete and I have been working on a new line called Spice Cave.  It’s a paleo, primal, Whole30 friendly line of seasonings that is also great if you’re not into those lifestyles as well.  I am personally addicted to Fire and Land and use them alone or together on pretty much EVERYTHING.  We’ve tested and tested some more and are finally ready to bring it to the world.  Yes, WORLD.  We just launched a Kickstarter today with our good friend Kevin from  We’ve wanted to work with him forever and he’s wanted a spice line to call his own so it was a marriage made in spicy heaven.

Without further adieu….

The Spice Cave Seasonings |

Spice Cave Seasonings consist of the 4 pillars of flavor.  

  • Land is garlicky and delicious on all things that roam the land.
  • Sea is packed with citrus and fresh pepper that’s great on all things that swim.
  • Wind is herbaceous with hints of garlic, onion and orange and kicks up fowl and flying birds like no other blend.
  • Fire is a spicy and sweet seasoning that compliments Land, Sea and Wind or is great all by itself to add some heat to whatever you put it on.

FitMenCook Signature Seasonings |

FitMenCook Signature Seasonings are one of a kind!  

  • Thai Peanut Seasoning – when we say World’s 1st – we mean it.  This blend is BOMBDELICIOUS and has real dehydrated peanut butter mixed with Thai spices and coconut flakes.
  • Mojo Seasoning – has orange peel, cool mint, garlic and lime.  Get your salsa shoes on and sprinkle this insanely delicious blend on everything.

Wait no more.  Check out the full Kickstarter info here:

Thanks for always being there to support my efforts!!