Mango Mint Kombucha

Updated On: Jul 07, 2018

I am a huge fan of kombucha.  O Organics now offers a line of kombucha that’s available at grocery stores and is affordable.  This is a sponsored post.

Mango Mint Kombucha | #ad #oorganicskombucha

Have you ever made your own kombucha before?  It’s really not that hard, but it’s intimidating.  Buying a scoby or finding someone to give you one can make you a little nervous.  After all it is a mushroom of sorts.  A scoby is a: symbiotic ‘colony’ of bacteria and yeast.  

Mango Mint Kombucha | #ad #oorganicskombucha

BUT…the health benefits of drinking kombucha outweigh the scariness of it all.  If you’re not into making it yourself, I highly recommend checking out the O Organics line from Safeway and/or Albertsons.  I’ve been drinking it for the past few weeks and absolutely love it.  

Mango Mint Kombucha | #ad #oorganicskombucha #sponsored

O Organics Kombucha is made with USDA Organic ingredients.  Additionally, each bottle contains more than two billion probiotic organisms as well as live kombucha cultures.  The light fruit flavors are really delicious.  I’d have to say that for me it’s a toss up between the Mango Mint and the Guava.  They are both refreshing and delicious and I love the digestive health benefits of kombucha.  I’d love to hear what your favorite flavor of kombucha is in the comments below.

Disclaimer:   This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Safeway. The opinions and text are all mine.


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