Mini Turkey Corndogs with Smoky Ketchup

Updated On: Sep 27, 2023

You know me…I’m all about making my own and when it comes to corndogs, that still rings true.  My kids, even though they are getting older, love corndogs.  They beg for them when we’re at the grocery store.  Making them is almost as easy as opening the box and you can’t beat homemade – in my humble opinion.

I love supporting local and have recently partnered with Zak to help them build their recipe database on their website.  They not only sell the coolest melamine products, like these confetti bowls, but they are located only a few miles from me.  They have been a huge supporter of Farmgirl Gourmet and I for them.  So why not partner and make deliciousness together?  From time to time I will be creating a recipe for them and sharing it here too.  Like these delicious little corndogs.  They were incredibly addicting…and so was the smoky ketchup.  That may be my new favorite condiment.  Ok, I won’t tease anymore.  Don’t forget to check out their other recipes while you’re there.

Get the recipe HERE.



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  1. Hey Heather,
    Was thinking about you and wanted to come by to say hi! LOVE the new design here…very nice! Your own handy-work, I presume??? 🙂
    Congrats too on your new partnership…that’s really awesome! I heart corndogs of all shapes and sizes…I want to eat about 23 of these!!

    1. Hi Karen!! Long time no chat. Yes, it’s my handy work. 🙂 Thanks a bunch for popping by…sorry for being such a stranger. I miss ya!! xo

  2. I have some of those bowls! Love them 🙂 These corndogs looks delicious!

  3. I have to make these soon, my kids will fall in love with them, ok me too!

    1. They are so easy to make and you can change up the hot dog option and even make them with chicken sausages or even go meatless with a grain sausage.

  4. Fantastic! Love Zak Products

    1. Thanks Tammilee. I love Zak too. Great company and so fun to work with.

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