Teriyaki Loco Moco |

Teriyaki Loco Moco

Yield 4 servings

A quick Loco Moco recipe that is a satisfying bowl of rice, hamburger patty, fried egg and topped with homemade teriyaki sauce and brown gravy.  It may not be beautiful, but it's Heaven in a bowl.



  1. In a medium saucepan, bring the 4 cups of water to a boil, add the rice and stir.  Cover with a lid and turn down the heat to low.  Cook rice according to the package instructions for time.  Conversely you can use a rice cooker.
  2. Mix the first 8 ingredients (beef through salt and pepper) in a medium bowl until well combined.  Form into 4 patties and grill or broil to preferred doneness.  
  3. To Serve: scoop 1 cup of rice per plate, top with 1 burger and drizzle with the teriyaki sauce and brown gravy.  Top with a fried egg and sprinkle a pinch of crushed red pepper flakes & sliced green onions.  Serve immediately with a bottle of Sriracha and a cold Hawaiian beer.

Courses Breakfast, Main Course

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