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Life Has a Way of Getting In the Way

by FarmgirlGourmet

At the beginning of each Summer, I always make a list and a schedule.  The schedule is to help me stay on track with things like working out and blogging regularly.  The list is of all of the things I think I should be able to accomplish during the summer months.  

Well, this summer is about to come to a close and the kids are about to start school again and wouldn’t you know it….my list only has a couple of items crossed out and my schedule?  Well, that’s been mostly ignored in lieu of playing with my kids, taking a 12 day California vacation and just living life.

In the world of food blogging, you need to be on top of your game.  Constantly.  The last time I checked, there were over 350K food blogs and new ones cropping up every day.  Imagine if you had to compete with 350K people every day at work?  It’s a battle to stay on top of the heap and keep your content fresh and new.  

Coming up with unique and interesting food multiple times a week can be a challenge some times and definitely a challenge when you are juggling 2 kids, a dog, life, summer, an exploding garden.  You get the picture.  

So, I hope you will be patient with me as I get back in the groove and hang up my summer hat and dust off my blogging hat.  I have some great recipe ideas on the white board that are just waiting to be brought to a computer screen near you!  Until then…I hope you have enjoyed your summer as much as I have.  It’s been 3 months of laughs, great memories and lots of delicious food.