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Postmark Chef – 3 Course Italian Citrus & Caramelized Pork – Giveaway Ended

by FarmgirlGourmet
Postmark Chef Kit Review - via farmgirlgourmet.com
Have you ever thought “I wish I didn’t have to plan a fantastic meal for a dinner party?”  Well if you’ve never heard of Postmark Chef, here’s your chance to learn a bit about them, you can also enter to win a kit  by leaving a comment on this post.  But wait, there’s more.  🙂  You know I love saying that.  Postmark Chef is also offering 15% off any kit they sell as well.  See the code below.
As a food blogger, my inbox gets flooded by offers on a daily basis.  “Try our _____”, “Can we send you _____”  You get the picture.  Well this email was a bit different.  When the Chef who created the food kit for Postmark Chef recommends you as a good resource, well you stand up and take notice.
Domenica Marchetti and I have made fast friends via Twitter after I reviewed her cookbook back in October when she was kind enough to allow me to post her recipe for Beet Root Gratin.  She has several cookbooks through Williams-Sonoma and is a wealth of delicious Italian recipes.  She recommended that Nalini from Postmark Chef get a hold of me to review her latest kit.  Say NO?  Heck NO!
Postmark Chef Kit Review - via farmgirlgourmet.com
So, are you asking…what is this “kit” thing all about?  Here’s the low-down from their website….

Recipe Kits are the solution to cooking fine-dining, restaurant-quality meals at home. Based on recipes from renowned chefs and cookbook authors, Recipe Kits are for people who love the process of cooking and preparing memorable meals at home.  Each Recipe Kit contains:

Postmark Chef Recipe Kit
Image from Postmarkchef.com

 1. Pre-measured, high-quality, non-perishable ingredients (such as spices, oils, vinegars, grains & nuts) 2. A list of produce and other perishable ingredients (that you will need to provide) 3. Detailed instructions with photos (also available online) 4. Links to instructional videos & tips

Sounds totally doable, right?  The ingredients that came were high quality, clearly marked and in nice packaging.  The instructions were complete and easy to follow and the end result was a delicious meal that I didn’t have to spend tons of money on buying bottles of this or that.  It’s all measured and ready to go.

Postmark Chef Kit Review - via farmgirlgourmet.com

I chose the 3 Course Italian Citrus & Caramelized Pork Dinner by Domenica and let me just tell you, my kids are now serious Farro fans!  And the Hubs, well he’s in love with Baby Arugula salad (I was in love with all of it – for the record).  We finished off with Grilled Nectarine, Fragrant Honey and Vanilla Ice Cream.  It was all delicious and I highly recommend checking out Postmark Chef for your next dinner party or even a gourmet dinner for 2.  By the way, there are several chefs and kits to choose from.  Even a molecular gastronomy kit.  How cool is that?

Disclaimer: I was provided a kit free of charge to review.  I was not remunerated for my positive review.  All opinions are my own and are priceless.