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Where Women Cook Magazine – You Know You Want One!

by FarmgirlGourmet

Have you heard?  Ok, you probably have because I’ve been like a 3 year old who hasn’t stopped babbling for several days about being in the March issue of Where Women Cook Magazine.  Because I’m so exciting and because I love you all to bits….I want you to have your own copy too.  From me.  To you. 

Read on…

I wish I could tell you that I was all fancy pants and Where Women Cook called me up and said “Yo, Farmgirl, we think you are uber talented and want to feature you in our over the top delicious magazine.  The cover spot is currently taken, but we will dedicate the rest of the magazine just to YOU”.  Yes, that’s exactly how’d they’d say it.  Anyway, that’s not quite how the story goes.  

Last summer while I was out playing tennis with my husband and kids I got a phone call from an amazing local artisan named Elaine Tolson.  She was going to be doing an art retreat over the summer and wanted to know if I was interested in catering.  Hmm, I’d never catered before, but sure…why not.  So we brainstormed ideas of a fun summer picnic filled with garden bounties.

Then one day she called with a shocker.  Not only would we be enjoying a glorious day of crafting and food on her beautiful farm, but it was also going to be photographed for Where Women Cook magazine.  Huh?  Did she really just tell me that?  Two years ago, Christmas the very first issue of Where Women Cook magazine came out.  My husband had bought it for me for Christmas and after ripping off the wrapping paper in a frenzy, I proudly held it up high and proclaimed “I will be in this magazine one day”.  True stuff.  

This picture makes me feel giddy.  Ok, back to the story.  Umm where were we…oh yes, holding it high and proclamation.  The article is a beautiful story about my friend Elaine and her art retreats and the events that took place on that warm July day at her farm.  It’s peppered with delicious recipes (from yours truly) and out of this world photography from the amazingly talented Amber of Tres Birds Photography.  When I get my 1st cookbook deal, Amber will be the person I call to photograph it.  She’s incredible and so freakin sweet. 

So what do you say?  Want your own copy?  Sure you do!  Here’s the low down.

Congrats to Deb!!  You are the winner of the Where Women Cook March Issue!!!  I’ve emailed you!!  🙂

well…apparently I am just one little voice now among allllll your awesome followers. Perhaps your friend who knew you when could win a magazine to put in my cookbook holder in the kitchen so when my friends come over they will think I create awesome amazing things and want to come over more often so I won’t be all lonely this summer when my teenage girls are all busy with their teenage lives and leave me all alone to cook big people food again! And if I win this magazine…maybe I will get to eat big people food again with fancy names and fancy ingredients! lol Love you Heather! Deb

How to Enter

  • Leave a comment – I don’t care what you say….just say something nice.  Everyone likes reading nice words.
  • Giveaway will be open from Friday 3/2/12 until Sunday 3/4/12 at 9 pm PST.  
  • Winner will be announced on Monday AM.
Disclaimer: Where Women Cook magazine is NOT sponsoring this giveaway and has not provided anything and may or may not even know who Farmgirl Gourmet is.  1 super lucky winner will receive a copy of the magazine paid for by yours truly, because I lurve you and want to share my giddiness with you.  That’s it. Now leave a comment and let’s get this party started.