Home Life Sriracha & Bacon Deviled Eggs: A Virtual Bridal Shower for Nelly (#NellysBigDay)

Sriracha & Bacon Deviled Eggs: A Virtual Bridal Shower for Nelly (#NellysBigDay)

by FarmgirlGourmet

In the world of cyber everything its easy for people to come and go in your life.  One day you’re chatting them up, the next they are gone.  Then, there are a few people who are so special that you hold on tight to them.  My sweet friend Nelly is one of those people.  I have never met her and have only heard her voice over a podcast once.  Yet, I feel like my day is not complete if I don’t have a few minutes of chatter with her, either via Twitter or Facebook.  She’s a true friend and I know her heart is genuine.  You’re probably hoping I get to the point.  Right?  🙂  Well Nelly (aka Marnely) is getting married on Saturday on Martha’s Vineyard to Brian and I am so elated for them!!!

One of our fellow food bloggers, Sanjeeta, asked me one day via Twitter if I’d like to be involved in a Virtual Bridal Shower  for my sweet friend Nelly.  I didn’t even need to ponder it for a second.  If I could board a plane today and throw her one in person, I’d do it in a second, so doing it virtual?  Heck ya, sign me up!  Well, you’d be in awe of the love that is Twitter & Facebook with the out-pour of like-minded bloggers willing to dedicate a day to our beloved friend.  Yep, she’s that special and we are all so excited for her and Brian to tie the knot.  We love you Miss Nelly and this day is all about you and Brian!!  I hope you enjoy your Virtual Bridal Shower as much as each of us loved creating it for you!  

So what do you bring to a virtual bridal shower?  That decision didn’t take long either.  Nelly and I both share of love of Sriracha AND Bacon and what bridal shower isn’t complete without deviled eggs?  Right?  Seemed logical to me.  Check out the recipe below.  But first – we gotta toast the (almost) Newlyweds!!

This is my little toast to you Nelly & Brian:
  • May you Live happily ever after.  May you Laugh hysterically always.  And may you always lead with Love!  Everything else in life will fall into place!  I love you sweet friend and wish the best that life has to offer.  
Here’s a little recipe for love written by the talented Elizabeth

“And …I said YESSSSS!”
It happened one November midnight, in Twitterverse, we saw this tweet from our dear Nelly @nella22. Without missing a beat, we all knew Nelly had “said YES” to her beloved “M”, as she sweetly calls Brian Murray, her fiancé.

So here we are, Nelly dear, your friends in the food world, wishing you and Brian all the best. And with our wishes, a simple recipe with an easy formula for a life of bliss, rich with EVERYTHING in it!


Mix together: A lot of Love, Patience, Perseverance, Respect, Courage, Strength, Trust, Kindness, Honesty, Compromise & Great Sex.
Stir in : Equal Parts of Love, Support, Faith, Fidelity, Hope, Validation, Friendship, Forgiveness, Communication.
Cook over slow simmer for the rest of your life. Dot daily with a Sense of Humor.
Leave out the nagging, sarcasm, skepticism, doubts and stubbornness.
Serving Suggestions: Best prepared daily. Serve with flourish because Married Life is a FEAST. Live it with flavor, spice it with unconditional love, enjoy its richness.
Recipe Notes: Some ingredients won’t always be fresh or available. Or the heat may flare up and the anger spills over. Simmer down and douse the flames with all the LOVE you can throw in.
Enjoy the feast of marriage, love and life!

(Written by : Elizabeth @Mango_Queen)

Sriracha & Bacon Deviled Eggs

20 large eggs, boiled
3/4 cup mayonnaise
2 teaspoons brown mustard
1-2 teaspoons Sriracha sauce
salt & pepper to taste
5 slices bacon, fried crisp

1 Using a sharp knife, slice off a small sliver from the fat end of the egg to make it so the egg will stand up.  Slice off the top 1/3 of the egg to expose the yolk.  Remove the yolks to a bowl.  Repeat with remaining eggs.  Reserve the egg white slivers for another use.
2 In the bowl with the egg yolks, add the mayonnaise, mustard, Sriracha and season to taste with salt and pepper.  Use an icing piping bag, or a plastic sandwich bag with the corner clipped off, and fill with the egg yolk mixture.  Fill each egg white so that it billows slightly out the top.  Top with a chunk of crispy bacon and serve immediately or chill for up to 2 hours.

Makes 20 Deviled Eggs – or 40 if split lengthwise

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