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Honoring Mom’s – Happy Belated Mother’s Day!

by FarmgirlGourmet
My Mom and I in the 1990’s

First of all, I would like to wish a belated Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Mom’s out there!  I hope your family showered you with lots of love and kisses….and maybe some flowers and a present or two.

Mother’s Day has always been a day where we ate a huge breakfast, usually in a restaurant, and then spent the day together.  Since 2007, Mother’s Day is a little bittersweet for me.  My Mom lost her battle with breast cancer in February of that year.  Even though I’m a Mom myself and enjoy the day with my children and husband, it’s bittersweet in the fact that every time I hear someone say “Happy Mother’s Day” I can’t help but pause and think of my Mom.  She was my best friend.  The one person I knew I could call at any hour of the day and she’d pick up and listen to me tell her good news, bad news or just listen while I “got it out”.  After her passing I had many an occasion where I dialed her cell phone and feeling silly when it donned on me that she wasn’t going to answer.  It may sound weird, but when I need to tell her something, I usually talk to the small urn of her ashes in the family room.  It’s my way of releasing it I suppose.

This is a 3 generation picture of my Mom, Grandmother and myself.  Hot sweater, huh?  Hey Mom, if there are computers in Heaven, I hope you’re reading this.  I love you!

This is my 91 year old Grandmother and I in Spring 2010.  She was just about to be honored at the Portuguese Holy Ghost Festival as the oldest living Queen.  She was asked if she needed a car to take her too and from the church during the parade portion of the celebration to which she snapped “heck no, I can walk”.  I hope that I can be half as young as she is!  She’s a fantastic baker and gardener….oh and a 35 year Breast Cancer survivor.  She’s my idol for sure!  Happy Belated Mother’s Day Grandma!  
p.s. I really called and spoke to her yesterday
p.s.s. She has never used a computer so she’s definitely not reading this.  🙂
Anyway, I sure hope yesterday was amazing for all of you Amazing Mothers and I only wish I could’ve finished this post yesterday morning as originally planned so that it wouldn’t be belated, but my sweet family made me a huge breakfast, then took me to Manito Park’s Conservatory (pics on Wordless Wednesday) and then down to Rockford for some shopping at Hurd Mercantile, ice cream and then home for an amazing Salmon dinner (recipe and post coming up after these Mother’s day messages).  
What gifts did I get?  How silly of me to forget that.  My sweet daughter bought me a coffee mug that has “Mom” written in every language possible on it and a beautiful turquoise necklace.  My son and Hubs got me 2 wine barrel planters, a rose bush and a gorgeous purple rhododendron.  My Mother’s day request is always for flowers I can plant.  So that’s it.  That was my Mother’s Day and an ode to my Mom who is always by my side in spirit.
Happy Belated Mother’s Day from me to you!

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Karen May 9, 2011 - 8:54 am

Okay, first of all, I have to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE the sweater. LOL! It’s fantastic!
Secondly, this is such a sweet post and I’m sorry to hear that your mom lost her fight to cancer.
I saw you tweeting about that salmon last night and it sounded incredible..can’t wait to see more.

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