Pumpkin Cookies – For 4 Legged Friends

Updated On: Oct 16, 2012

I’d like you to meet our 4-legged son Tug.  He’s a 2 1/2 year old Lab/Pit mix.  I know I know, just reading the word Pit makes you cringe and believe me, it makes me too, but Tugs only Pit-likeness is his short hair.  He’s the sweetest dog ever.  How could you not love that face?

Today I decided to experiment with making dog treats.  I had an opened can of pumpkin that needed to be used up and the end result was 4 paws up!  (2 from the cat).  Apparently dogs aren’t the only 4-legged creatures that like Pumpkin Cookies.  It only took about 5 minutes to put together the dough and another 20-24 minutes to bake and VOILA – homemade dog treats.

You could get all giggy with it and use your Spritz Cookie maker.  You know, the one your Grandma gave to you because she never used it?  Yes, that one!

I just used a pastry bag fitted with the star tip and made circles.  I figured my 4-legged son wouldn’t critique me on perfection.

Ooooohhh purty!  I had to tell the kids not to eat them.  Not that they would get sick, but I bet it wouldn’t taste all that great.

Cooked and cooling.  20 minutes at 300 was all it took.  They need to cool for a while to get stiff, but the dog and the cat were happy with them slightly cooled as well.

Here’s Milo – The Helper Catten, he was really digging them.  What you can’t see is Tug standing in front of me with big droopy eyes and the look of “why are you giving the cat MY treats?”

I hope you give these a try for your Furbabies.  They will love you even more if you do.

4 Legged Pumpkin Cookies
{Printable Recipe}

1 15 oz can plain pumpkin puree (not the spiced kind)
1/2 cup nonfat powdered milk
1/2 cup cream of wheat cereal (uncooked 2 1/2 min type)
1/4 cup Mixed Grain baby cereal

1 Preheat the oven to 300.  Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside.
2 Mix all ingredient in a medium bowl.  Drop by teaspoonfuls onto prepared baking sheet, or use a pastry bag to pipe shapes.
3 Bake for 20 minutes or until the outside is firm.  Cool completely.
4 Store in a zip top bag for up to a week or freeze smaller portions indefinitely.


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  1. i made pumpkin biscuits tonight. i used wheat flour. my cat didnt want any. good thing, the dog who looks much like yours claimed all the treats for himself, i just refilled his dog treat bin which he watches closely.. he is one happy dog.

  2. I’m not familiar with baby food cereal. Is it a dry cereal that I’d use?

    1. Yes. Look at the baby food aisle for a small box of dry cereal. It helps bind the cookies so they aren’t mushy.

  3. I am going to make these today. I believe Basker will like these cookies.
    I did not see this recipe on any of your boards on Pinterest. Do you not have a Pet or 4-legged Friends Board?

  4. I give my sweet (getting older dog) Nellie a dollop of pumpkin with every meal, and she adores (almost demands) it. I can’t wait to try this wonderful recipe, which I have no doubt she’ll love too!

  5. I’ve got to try these out for my furbabie poodle. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hello fellow food lover.
    My dog loves the pumpkin stuff….yum yum and the vet said it was quite good for them…and us also.

    Hope to visit you again. Hope you will visit me also on kidsgrowgreen.com. We are about kids/parents in the garden growing health stuff and the eating it.
    I am a chef from way back and have posted a couple of homestyle Italian things on the blog and ready to put more up there.
    Nice place you have here.

  7. Wonderful! I am excited to make these for both of my pets!


  8. That look so Nice pumpkin cookies, thanks


  9. Tug is loving them. One note of caution though – Pumpkin is a stool softener for dogs (and cats) so don’t give them too many in one day or you may have some orange surprises! 🙂 Happy Baking!

    1. exactly! i used a pizza slicer instead of cookie cutter and made smaller squares. i follow the dog treat recommendations for an 80 pound dog. i made a big batch and gave him a few pieces tonight. smaller squares means he thinks he is getting more but really not. ?

  10. My two bernes mountain dogs would totally dig these!

  11. P S Tug is ADORABLE!

  12. OMGosh I bet Dash would love these!!! He loves oatmeal so maybe I will use some of that….thanks! No spritzer tool for me..lol

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