Updated On: Oct 16, 2012

It hardly seems possible that I should be starting seeds for my “garden”.  I mean, I have no “garden” as of yet.  Just a big plot of grass where I know it will eventually be and the biggest problem of all is Mother Nature needs to cooperate a little and give us some weather that will thaw the snow. Then and only then can I start drawing up the plans for where the garden will be and give them to the Hubs so he can build build build!

Build you ask?  At the Farm I had some major issues with Field Bindwind.  It’s in the Morning Glory family, only much more invasive so I had to build raised garden beds to prevent a hostile Bindweed takeover.  Raised beds are kind of like driving a Ferarri when you own a Yugo.  Sure the space is smaller but you can grow faster as the soil warms up quicker in the Spring and you can sit on the edge and weed.  It’s like heaven.  So I guess I’m a little bit of a garden snob.  Or lazy.  You pick.

As you can see above, I went a little bonkers yesterday at my favorite seed store, Northwest Seed & Pet. $75 worth, but don’t tell the Hubs.  It’s better to beg forgiveness than ask permission!  When I got home, I dumped my loot on my desk and entered all of the indoor start dates into my Excel spreadsheet and I was shocked at the dates!  I need to get hoppin!  Several of these babies should already be in a warm bath of seed starting soil and germinating to their little hearts content.  I’m hoping for later today to get them going, if my back will cooperate!  Here’s the list of what I’m growing.

  • Tomatoes
    • Sungold Cherries – my all time fave
    • Black Krim – trying this one for the 1st time
    • Big Rainbow – Large Orange that are TASTY
    • Pink Brandywine
  • Beets
    • Crimson Giants – Red (hence Crimson)  🙂
    • Early Wonder – Red
    • Golden Detroit
  • Peppers
    • Early Jalapeno
    • Long Red Cayenne – for crushed red pepper flakes
  • Melon
    • Moon & Stars Watermelon – has yellow/gold flesh and is so good
    • Charentais Musk Melon – French cantaloupe 
  • Herbs
    • Sage
    • Thai Basil
    • Genovese Basil
    • Rosemary
    • Greek Oregano
    • Cilantro
    • Parsley
  • Black Spanish Radishes
  • Waltham Butternut Squash
  • Little Finger Carrots
  • Dwarf Blue Curled Kale
  • Peaches & Cream Corn
  • Tom Thumb Butterhead Lettuce
  • Birdhouse Gourds – for my friend Gracie
  • Marigolds in a variety of colors and styles – to ward off the bugs!
So what’s on your list to grow?


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  1. this year i’m using a plot at a community garden and my backyard will be for flowers, because i just dont get enough sun back there so im finally giving up on beans, tomatoes, cucs and zuccini. Its going to be purple and fragrant flowers back there only and veg in the community plot. I’m looking forward to this season for a change

  2. Hah! 🙂 Northwest Pet and Seed is affectionately known by one of my avid gardening friends as “Million Dollar Pet and Seed” because he knows he “saved” Millions by his wife loving to garden, rather than some of the other valuable vices available. I love the new look of the website…clean, white…a different balanced crispness to it!

  3. Oh I can’t wait to plant this year. I am finally moving the last week of May! This time I will have sun and lots of room to plant, tomoatos and herbs here I come. I totally love your wonderful blog! I am a new follower. I have awarded you A Cherry on Top Award. Check it out at

  4. @Denton Den If you need plants Monica, you know I’ll have TONS extra! 🙂

  5. @Anonymous Hi Cristine! Thanks for popping in! I had super high yields with my raised beds too. I can’t wait!! HURRY SPRING!! 🙂

  6. Oh boy! I can’t wait to watch this process!!! I guess I better start thinking about my garden too!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Raised beds are the bomb! We got over 75 pounds from ours last summer. Cristine from Facebook. 🙂

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