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Seed Starts – 1 Week & 2 Days

by FarmgirlGourmet

It has really only been 1 week and 2 days since these seedlings were merely a seed and some soil.  What you see in this picture is butternut squash babies that will eventually become Soup or Gnocchi or ?  Behind it is Moon & Stars watermelons and Charentais melons that are similar to cantaloupes.  1 week and 2 days!  Insanity.

 Here’s a better look!  Those are the beginnings of true leaves.  Time to rifle through the shed and get bigger pots!  That’s on todays To-Do list.

This is a tray full of tomatoes and peppers.  4 varieties of tomatoes and 2 peppers.  I can’t wait to bite into the first ripe tomato!

Oh hurry Spring, hurry!!

Here’s the problem with all of these plant babies growing like weeds.  This photo is of the “garden”.  Doesn’t look like much more than grass does it?  If you look close you’ll see some stakes and string that the Hubs worked on over the weekend.  Very quickly there will be 6 – 3′ x 12′ raised beds in this area waiting for the seedlings to come take root.  I can visualize it already and am anxious as all get out!

I can’t wait to slowly walk the paths between the beds and admire my vegetable garden.

Pick a gorgeous vine ripened tomato that is warm from the Summer sun and sit on the edge of the raised bed and savor every bite.

Rub the fresh herbs as I walk by and smell their heavenly perfume on my hands.

WOW – Ok, I’m back!  All I have to say is HURRY SPRING!

Happy Tuesday and Happy Gardening to you all!!  

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Jenny @ Kerrfect! March 22, 2011 - 10:19 am

We just recently started our plants and they are going pretty good. Last year we let the naeighbor water them whe we went on vacation in early May and when we came home everything (some 25 different varieties of plants) that HAD been growing so weel was moldy! I was so mad! lol apparently she had just watered them so much that they rotted. We had to start all over again just before transplanting. We did good with the cucs, tomatoes, potatoes, herbs and lettuces… nothing else really panned out though 🙁

I need to do a garden post soon, I have enough photos stored up, lol, I just haven’t gotten around to it yet!

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