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Charcutepalooza – Say It 5 Times Fast

by FarmgirlGourmet

You are probably asking yourself right now, “what the heck is Charcutepalooza”?  Or maybe you’re already versed in the wonders of charcuterie.  Personally, I have never even tried it.  But that’s all about to change.  Yes, sir ree!

Charcutepalooza is a year long challenge where food bloggers (and some non-food bloggers) are all getting together and making cured meats from Michael Ruhlman’s book Charcuterie: The Craft of Salting, Smoking & Curing.  Every month is a new adventure in meat.  I am so excited I can hardly stand it.  So excited, in fact, that I convinced the Hubs to buy me a smoker while at Home Depot over the weekend.  Most girls like diamonds and flashy cars, I on the other had, get giddy over a smoker.  Crazy I know.  Anyway, stay tuned for some amazing Charcuterie!  I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Now for an apology.  Recently I was messing around with another blog that I have for my Vintage Travel Trailer.  While I was in the design mode, or so I thought, I accidentally reformatted Farmgirl Gourmet and NOT my trailer blog.  So if you’re noticing that things look a bit different and some blog posts are a bit GIANT, I am very sorry for that.  I am in the clean up process after Hurricane Heather came through and destroyed everything.  So bare with me.  I’m doing the best I can.

One last thing, I have also added a “Printable Recipe” hyperlink under the recipe name on most of the recipes on the site.  This should redirect your browser to an easy to print recipe.  I hope this feature is helpful.  I have tried to get this option for quite some time now and although it’s not as fancy as I’d like, I’m glad I’m able to offer it as that has been the #1 request from my followers.  I hope everyone has an AMAZING week and Happy 2nd Day of Spring!


Farmgirl Gourmet March 21, 2011 - 2:31 pm

@Jenni – That’s good Jenni!!! I like that. LOL!
@Karen – Glad you can see me now! 🙂 Glad to help you my friend! It was great having java with you this AM and getting in a little Antique Shopping Therapy! 🙂

Jenni March 21, 2011 - 2:28 pm

Cool! Enjoy Charcutepalooza! And here’s the motto: The Cure for the Common Meat. (I just made that up)! 😉

kpaints March 21, 2011 - 2:23 pm

It’s Spring? I didn’t know that! I added myself as a follower…again..because even though I was following I wasn’t getting the posts. But now I am!
Love the new look of the blog…no evidence of Hurricane Heather anywhere!
P. S. I love the kale chips, thanks for your help!

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