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Office Progress. Office Renovation 2011 Continues…..

by FarmgirlGourmet

This is the before picture with commercial carpeting and green sponge painted walls.  Pretttyyyyy!  (that’s facetious)

 The Office Renovation 2011 project has been on the front burner, off the front burner, on the front burner….you get the gist.  Well today, we are making some serious progress.  Ok, maybe it’s been for the past few days.  But today feels monumental!  All of the walls are painted.  The Hubs is just about done trimming out the windows and as soon as the last wall dries, I’ll be ripping up the carpeting.  It’s all starting to come together!  Here’s the low down of what’s been done so far and below are some progress pics:

  • Room gutted to studs (2 layers of wall)
  • New electrical throughout (no more ceramic insulators woohoo)
  • New vinyl sash windows installed (the old ones were too far gone to salvage)
  • Insulation installed throughout (it had zero – yikes)
  • More receptacles were added – 2 is just not enough
  • Wall heater installed
  • New drywall everywhere!
  • Painted drywall
  • New lighting installed
  • Bookcase roughed in on the angled wall
Here’s the progress…..
Starting the destruction
Hey, there’s a chimney under there!
After ceiling was removed, this fell down. Mt St Helen’s Ash!
Walls are out. I look thrilled! Still old windows.
Hard to tell but on the Rt side of pic are ceramic insulators!
Here’s a better pic of the old wiring. Not safe! 
Insulation is in and the new bookcase is roughed in.
New sash windows!  YEAH! They look amazing.
Another view of insulation and new windows.
1st sheet of sheet rock is going up!
Sheet rock is up and taped/mudded.  Getting closer!
Helper dog Tug. He loves those hot work lights.
The chimney is cleaned of 100 year old wallpaper.
3 of the walls have been painted.  “Sandy Beaches”
The bookcase will be painted white and trimmed out.
This is before the windows were trimmed.

This is the 100 yr old harwoods under the commercial carpet.
I guess they didn’t have a drop cloth when they painted!
I painted 1 wall red. Yes, I love red.
Now to pull out a million staples. Love the splattered wood?  I don’t!
Here’s a better pic of the red wall and new light fixture.
The window trim in going in and will all be painted white.

 That’s it.  That’s where we are currently in the project.  Today’s fun will be removing tons of paint from the hardwoods.  Anyone who wants to come help will be welcomed with open arms!  🙂  Thanks for looking!

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Denton Den February 11, 2011 - 11:30 am

Heather – You and Gary are AMAZING! I don’t know where you get your energy! Everything looks fabulous! The built in bookshelf is gonna be awesome! Look forward to the final pics!

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