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Office Renovation or Mt. Saint Helens Eruption?

by FarmgirlGourmet
Me: “So what are we going to do on New Years Eve?”

Hubs: “I don’t know, watch TV?”

Me: “Can we go up to my office and take a look to see what we need to get started on the remodel?”

Hubs: “Sure!  Let’s go”

20 minutes later the wall was removed!  2 hours later ALL of the walls were removed!  Today is day 2 and the Hubs is hard at work ripping down the ceiling.   His estimate is that we should be done in a month.  Eeek!  So much for painting the office and calling it good!  Below are pics of the process so far.

Under the top layer of wall is another layer of some sort of paper fiber board.  It’s not drywall, very strange and is nailed with a gagillion nails!
Under 2 layers we’re finally seeing the guts!
Old windows are amazing!  I love love love them.  But, these are so far beyond their prime that you can see daylight where you’re not supposed to see daylight.  Last night I checked in on this room and there was large areas of ice forming on the windows (it was about 1 or 2 degrees outside).  Not good!  So, they will be replaced with new windows that look historic, but are much more efficient.
The niche on the right will eventually be a large built-in with that small window removed and shelving added.
This is my desk wall and if you look close enough you can see the old knob and tube wiring which was replaced in a previous remodel by a previous owner but never removed.  I think we may just take it out.  Maybe I can make something out of all the ceramic insulators.  
Day 2 – 2 layers of ceiling being removed.  I guess there wasn’t any insulation up there afterall.  
See all that dark grey stuff?  Does it look like volcanic ash?  Well it is!  Thank you Mt. Saint Helens!  Lots of it!  Thank goodness this the Hubs part of the remodel!  Under the carpet is original hardwoods.  I peeked at them last night and they have paint splatters all over them, but I’m sure I can make a go of them.  That will be one of the last things that we do.
No remodel would be complete without the Helper Catten, Milo.  He’s always there lend a helping paw!

On another note – Monday the 4th I’m starting Mediterranean Week – so stay tuned for some amazing recipes as well as Office Renovation 2011.

Happy New Year!


kpaints January 4, 2011 - 7:21 pm

Wow,you go girl!!!! Great job…love to help! My fav!

Mama Bird 5 January 1, 2011 - 10:23 pm

Wow! What a way to spend new years. Lol Can’t wait to see the finished product. Thanks for sharing.

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