Gifts & Wrapping & Christmas – OH MY!

by FarmgirlGourmet

This is the first year in the 7+ years that we’ve lived in this area that our social calendar is BUMPIN’!  Ok, that’s a lame word, it’s “booked”, rather.  Maybe the rule of thumb is that after 7 years of living in a town where you know no one is that you get accepted in the circle of trust.  It is possible.  Maybe it’s because we went from being Farm Hermits to Town Dwellers.  Who knows for sure, but I am not complaining.  This has been an amazing Holiday filled with family, friends and lots and lots of joy.  If I got nothing else for Christmas, I would still be content!  Wow – did I really type that?  🙂

Ok, on to the fun stuff.  Below is the list of what we’ll be eating for one whole entire day.  Thank goodness for yoga pants!  If you’re interested in the recipes, I have added the links for you in red on the recipes that I am able to link.  So Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Festivus!  I appreciate you all for stopping by and making me feel like this little blog of mine is worthwhile!  Enjoy your holiday!!

Farm Hugs!

Christmas Day

Bacon & Sausage
Michael Mina’s Citrus Salad
Janke’s Homemade Jalapeno Goat Cheese and Crackers
Vegetable Crudite
Mashed Potatoes
Heather’s Brussels Sprouts w/ Garlic & Parmesan
Christmas Chocolate Cake w/ White Chocolate Icing
Pecan Pie (for my Dad)
Whatever Dessert Tom & Jen Bring
I think I’m stuffed just typing that!  Wow – it’s a REALLY good thing for yoga pants.  🙂  Merry Christmas!