Moving, Moving and More Moving!

Updated On: Oct 16, 2012

It seems as though I have been packing for years!  Where oh where did I accumulate so much stuff?  I think when you live with a lot of space around you, you think to yourself “I have room for that”.  Well, I’ve uncovered a lot of thats in the past few weeks.  We managed to get rid of quite a bit of treasures at our garage sale last weekend and have been slowly taking things to the new house.  Hopefully by next week we’ll only have the big stuff and can knock it out in a days time.  Did you catch the operative word?  Yep, it was “hopefully”.  Nonetheless, we are elated to move on to our new treasure.

The new house is a 1912 Arts & Crafts in town.  It’s in good shape for it’s age, but needs some love from “The Fixers”.  That would be me and Gary.  We tried the new house concept, but we are fixers through and through.  We love the joy of taking a home that’s seen better days or has been renovated without thought for it’s true roots and giving it back it’s original splendor.  That’s just what we plan to do with the A&C house.  There will be lots of paint, sweat and tears but the end result will be a fabulous house that we will live in for many many years to come.  Check out some of the pics below.  Thanks for reading!!

Back to packing!


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