Who said moving was fun?

Updated On: Oct 16, 2012

I highly doubt there is a person alive who truly enjoys uprooting their entire life and moving it somewhere else.  The thought of nesting in a new home is exciting, but the moving process….not so much!  Now that my cold has gone, I can get back to the To Do List.  Today’s activity: cleaning the hallway closet.

Everyone has a drawer in their kitchen where they throw everything and it’s usually affectionately called “the junk drawer” or “catch all”.  Well our hallway closet seems to have that same distinction.  It’s one of those deceiving closets that looks small until you open the door and realize that it goes WAY back.  There’s a handy coat rack in front to disguise the piles of things that are lying in wait behind.  Today’s chore is to take everything out, sort through what needs to stay, be chucked, donated or moved to the garage sale pile.  I know I will feel a huge sense of accomplishment getting it done, but I’m procrastinating on opening the door.  Kind of like dominoes, once it’s complete – who knows what I’ll tackle next!

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