Fun Evening with Friends

Updated On: Oct 16, 2012

Gary and I have a tendency to stay close to the house. We don’t socialize all that much, and not because we don’t want to, but more that we just have so many projects going that we choose to do them instead. Well, last night we broke free from the “Honey Do” list and went to a dinner party at a friends. While we were getting ready to go, we both felt the same way – “I wish we could bag out”. Not because we didn’t really want to go, but because we both worked really hard yesterday and were just tuckered out. Once we got there though, we were quickly reminded of how much fun it is to enjoy the company of good friends and good food. Sharing stories and laughs was just the therapy we needed after a long day of working around the farm. We both walked out saying “That was great, we should do that more often”.

The moral of the story is to take the time to be with friends. Enjoy the gifts they bring to your life and always accept the invitation even if you’d rather be home in sweats! 🙂

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  1. The McKercher Family says:

    Well said! We, too, had a fantastic time! Just goes to prove that simple pleasures, like the company of friends, go a long way in building a good life.

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