Dirty hands are the sign of Spring!

Over the years I have bought many different varieties of gardening gloves.  Some were made of all fabric, some with rubber palms, but when it really comes time to get workin in the garden, bare hands seem to be my favorite.  There’s something amazing about feeling the warm soil between your fingers or really grabbing the roots of that pesky weed.  I think that’s when you know you have gardening in your blood.  When you don’t care about beautifully manicured nails or if people notice the ground in dirt on your fingers that won’t be washed away until long after the first frost.  Gardening is definitely in my soul and is my saving grace after a long day of working.

Although I wasn’t able to be outside all day today playing in the soil, I was able to weed my Iris bed which was a very good accomplishment.  The weather is starting to shift as the day is going on and the breeze is too cool to be working outside any longer.  Especially with this cold I’m nursing.  I think it’s time to snuggle up with a good book.  One of my favorites is Geoff Hamilton’s Cottage Gardens.  Not only is it full of gardening knowledge, but there’s tons of information about building garden structures like Obelisk’s or collapsible compost containers.  It’s a great read!  And like me, you’ll find yourself dreaming of your garden in no time.