Ahhhhh Spring!

Updated On: Oct 16, 2012

Spring in the northern states is always a fun experience. Actually I think it would be fun to be a Weather Forecaster here in Spokane! Here’s my first weather forecast:

“Good Morning, this is Heather with the Weather! On this beautiful Spring day we will be having a gorgeous sunny day mixed with rain, sleet, snow, hail, thunder storms and a possible tornado! The extended forecast is more of the same until July. Until tomorrow, this has been Heather with the Weather.”

Yes, that’s what it’s like! My husband and I have a ritual of walking the kids to the bus stop in the morning. It’s about a 1/4 mile down our driveway, so we always go with a fresh cup of java in hand. Today as we were walking down the skies were a mix of dark clouds with a few sucker holes here and there. Sucker holes are the little blue sky spot in between clouds – you’re a sucker if you think they’re going to get bigger. Anyway, I saw a white flash and blurted out, is that snow? Everyone chimed in that they’d seen white flashes too. Then I made the mistake of saying “There was this one day when I walked the kids to the bus and just as I was turning back, the skies opened up and the rain came crashing down”. Where’s the wood when you need to knock on it? It wasn’t but a minute later that the hail started. It was slow at first and held off it’s furry until the kids were safe on the bus. Then just as I had blurted out earlier….the skies opened up and the Styrofoam ball-sized hail came down. Of course, I had no hat so luckily my husband is taller than me and I was able to use him for some shelter. Now as I sit here typing, the snow is falling in large flakes and off in the distance I can see a large sucker hole. Spring in Eastern Washington…..it’s always a new adventure.

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