The Snow is Gettin’ To Me!!!

by FarmgirlGourmet

This has been the winter to remember, at least for a relatively newbie to Spokane. I guess it wouldn’t be so bad if we didn’t live on a rural road that rarely, if ever, gets plowed. Or on rural property that requires us to plow a 1/4 mile of road ourselves, to get to the other road that doesn’t get plowed. It’s all a bit much! This winter has definitely gotten us dreaming of living somewhere else though. I don’t mean moving away, just selling this old farm and looking for acreage to build our dream house….on a road that gets plowed in the winter! Don’t get me wrong, this old house has me taken, but the other stuff that goes along with it is overwhelming my love of the house itself. Surprisingly my DH has slowly gotten onboard the “building our own house” train. He’s not one for visualizing spending gobs of money…so this is rare! I actually catch him paroosing house plan websites in search of his ideal house. So I’ve definitely inflicted him with the bug! We are looking to do this down the road. Hopefully we’ll find the land this year and then work towards building in the next 4 or 5 years. The thing that makes me laugh is the fact that we’ll be building a bigger house, with more bedrooms and our oldest daughter will be a sophmore in high school! Almost out of the house! I guess we’ll have space for big family gatherings. That’s one positive way of looking at it.