What a Day!

by FarmgirlGourmet

I woke up this morning and thought “I don’t want to get out of these warm sheets. Why should I?” Well that 4 letter word called “work” was beckoning me like nails on the chalkboard. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do. Real Estate is amazing…but there are days when the chase doesn’t get my motor running. But, I got up, braved the cold bedroom air and got myself ready for the day. Once at work, my broker blew off our meeting together, so I thought “this is how it’s going to go today, huh?” There’s something to be said for the power of positive thinking. After an hour long meeting, I told myself…it’s time to make the day better. I’m going to be positive, I’m going to visualize my phone ringing, I’m going to have a great day! No sooner did those words rumble through my head did I get a call to list a house, an email to list a house and a wonderful friend of mine called just to say “Hi”. It’s almost like my guardian angel is listening to my thoughts and bringing me what I really need to push me through another day. Thanks Mom!