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Virtual Potluck


Cinnamon Swirl Bread

Farmgirl Gourmet came to fruition in 2006 on a whim to keep our family in the loop on what we were doing with our 120 year old farmstead.  Each…

Pumpkin Apple Cake

Pumpkin Apple Cake + @TatesBakeShop Giveaway

  Holy Giveaway Central Batman!  First Emeril’s cookbook, then the Harry & David Roxy Ann basket and now a Tates Bake Shop giveaway from Virtual Potluck?  Tis the season to be…

Walnut Levain 3

Walnut Levain & A Bakers Dream Come True!

To all of my gluten intolerant friends – shield your eyes (and I’m sorry)!  Everyone else, get your butter knives ready.  Today’s post is all about gluten.  Well, Walnut…

Homemade Sriracha

Homemade Sriracha

Have you jumped on the Sriracha craze?  If you haven’t or have never heard of Sriracha before, I recommend you run to the store right now and get a…

Shrimp with Basil Thai Style via

Shrimp with Fresh Basil, Thai Style

This bowl of deliciousness comes from the new Lodge Cast Iron Cookbook.  It’s super quick to make and the my Hubs and Son barely spoke a word at dinner…