Holiday Gift Guide

15 Foodie Gifts |

The countdown to Christmas is on and you may still be looking for a quick gift for the foodie on your list or a last minute hostess gift for an upcoming party.  I’ve got you covered and present you with my Holiday Gift Guide for 2015.  Check out the list of 16 of my favorite things from all around the web.

  1. Peet’s Coffee Holiday Blend – This is my all time favorite coffee for the holidays.  It’s incredibly rich and delicious.  $16.95 per pound.

Peet's Coffee Holiday Blend |

2. The 8 x 8 Cookbook – my incredibly talented friend Kathy wrote this book and it is fantastic!  I can’t wait to make each and every recipe in this deliciously packed book of yum!  $24.95

The 8 x 8 Cookbook |

3. The Spiceologist Block™ – you may remember that we had a Kickstarter for the Spiceologist Block back in 2013.  It launched right after I joined Pete on our Spicy Journey and it’s one popular beechwood block filled with spicy love.  We hand fill, hand stamp and box each one with love.  Starts at $159.00.

Spiceologist Block |

4.  Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi – This limited-edition kitchen set was created for the fall and holiday season that benefits, an organization that helps provide struggling families with fresh produce. Nothing is better than giving two-fold.  $35.00

Woodbridge Gift Set |

5.  Kidrobot Foodie Plush – Macarons can make a cook crazy in the kitchen, but with Margarette the Macaron it’s nothing but fun.  Super soft and snuggly – and there’s even a taco plush.  Crazy cute.  $29.95

Kidrobot Foodie Plush |

6. Express Lane Cooking – The concept of this book, from fellow foodie friend Shawn Syphus of I Wash…You Dry, is so cool!  5 ingredient recipes with a twist.  I love my book and I think you will too!!  $13.89

Express Lane Cooking Cookbook |

7.  Jacobsen Salt 6 Vial Gift Set – I got the chance to meet Ben Jacobsen this past summer and he is one class act.  I’ve been a fan of his salt company for some time because the salts are amazing and the company is a class act.  $29.95

Jacobsen Salt 6 Vial Gift Set |

8.  DIY Bacon Kit – I mean, is it really necessary to say more?  It’s Bacon.  Homemade.  Lord have mercy.  $19.95

DIY Bacon Kit |

9. Spiceologist Rub Gift Set – I know what you’re thinking…”she’s trying to sell me on her spice stuff”.  Well, you might be partially right, but let me tell you…Spiceologist is growing like nuts because of 1 thing…delicious products.  Our rubs are all natural, no gluten and 100% versatile and delicious.  $95.00

Spiceologist 8 Pack Rub Gift Set |

10. Booey’s Gourmet Pepper Sauce – Let me just say….this stuff is BOMBDELICIOUS.  Pappa Booey is working fast and furious to get his ecomm site up and running, so if you’re local to Spokane there are several stores where you can pick up a bottle of sauce.

Booey's Gourmet Pepper Sauce

11. The Joyful Table Cookbook by Susan Joy –  January will be here in 2 shakes and we’ll all be taking a big hard look at the after effects of “just one more cookie”.  I think I’ve tried every single way of eating there is but the one that sticks with me and is easy for me to stick to is the Paleo/Primal way of life.  I mean…butter, hello?  This is a FANTASTIC book filled with amazingly delicious and easy recipes that is not just for the month of January, but for the rest of your life.  $57.48 

The Joyful Table |

12. Foodie Fight – A Game For Serious Foodies – If you have a foodie on the list…I bet they’d love a game just for foodies.  I know I would.  $18.67

Foodie Fight Game |

13. Le Creuset Dutch Oven – The gift that keeps on giving and giving and giving.  The beauty of a Le Creuset is that you buy it once and you’ll have it forever.  Starts at $130

Le Creuset Dutch Oven |

14. Hampton’s Lane Curated Box – curated box of deliciousness.  Hampton’s Lane hand curates each item for their super creative monthly box.  They even have a 50 Shades of Chicken box.  $47.00

Hampton's Lane |

15. Salted Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix from Not Without Salt – Ok, let me just tell you…I was sent a couple of these tubes of cookie mix and they are AMAZING, easy to whip up and the vanilla infused brown sugar…well that stuff is bomb!  $14.00

Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie |

16. Rösle Garlic Press – Some people might say “don’t you have chef’s knife?” but wait…this is my most used kitchen tool for one reason – IT WORKS.  And it’s a dream to clean.  I’ve had mine for a very long time and it’s still incredible. $49.00

Rosle Garlic Press |

That concludes this year’s version of the top foodie gifts in my humble opinion.  If you don’t have a foodie on your list for the Le Creuset, let me know.  I gladly accept kitchen gadgets and I’d even make something amazing just for you.  🙂  

Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas to you all.  Thanks for being here.

  • Kathy Strahs
    December 15, 2015 at 9:52 pm

    Thanks so much for including The 8×8 Cookbook, Heather!!

    • FarmgirlGourmet
      December 19, 2015 at 9:23 pm

      Absolutely…I had not choice…it’s an AWESOME book. xoxo