Emeril’s Tempura “Fish & Chips”

Today marks Day 1 of 3 weeks of Emeril.  It’s going to be All Emeril, All the Time at Farmgirl Gourmet World Headquarters over the next 21 days.  I can’t tell you how excited I am to have been chosen to participate in this Blogger Party with 19 other bloggers from all over the country!

The book came in the mail on Friday and let me just say, if you don’t have an Emeril Lagasse cookbook, then make this your first.  Sizzling Skillets and Other One-Pot Wonders is a fantastic book.  The recipes are each drool-worthy in their own way.  The thing I love about it is that its not Italian or Asian.  It’s a completely eclectic collection of recipes.  Whatever your craving, it’s in the book. Like our dinner tonight of Tempura “Fish & Chips” pictured above.  The recipe includes a Ponzu Radish dipping sauce that was tasty.  I also made up a quick Sriracha Mayo because I know the kids are not too savvy on radishes.  The verdict was 5 thumbs up!  My Dad, being one of the thumbs, really enjoyed it.

I will be giving away Emeril’s book in the next 3 weeks but if you can’t wait, you can pre-order the book by clicking here.

Photo Credit – www.zak.com

Stay tuned on Tuesday for my 1st giveaway of the Emeril by Zak! flame bowls.  Let me just say, they are awesome!   I’m a huge Zak fan, not only do they have great kitchen products, but they are located a mere 15 miles away from me.  Supporting local makes me feel like I’m doing my part in being a locavore.

I wish that I was able to give you the recipe for the Fish and Chips, but I promise you that I will be sharing one with you on Tuesday…and you won’t be diasppointed!  🙂  So stay tuned.


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